Today Card is BREATHE


? Trust, Patience, Wellness, Going slow, Meditation, Health Conscious ?

? Now is the time to focus on your Self, see your self worth, allow the life giving element of air to replenish your body and mind.

Release the darkness, forget all the failures and missed opportunities as what is gone is gone and

plan yourself for a new goal but before doing that just cleanse yourself ,just refresh yourself and breathe n grab the sunlight.

Don’t be in too much of hurry right now, Opportunities and Your heart needs time to open, remove and release all the anxiety , , misshappenings, tension ?

?Just relax, Take a deep breathe, do meditation ,calm your senses ,rejuvenate yourself ,Get some exercise, move out of your head and into your body,

breathe deeply and complete all the pending work before starting something new, clear all the junk and mess as it will give you a boost and the waiting wont prove difficult ,

You know patience pays off in deep and meaningful ways.

Each breathe is precious ?

? Archangel Sandalphon is blessing you and guiding you to surrond yourself with wise friends and teachers.

Angels bring you gifts from your Creator.

Open your arms to recieve. Honor & Trust your intuition & feelings ??

Be Happy ?

Stay Blessed ?



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