Nancy Fortier

Hi everyone! I’m Nancy Fortier, I wanted to explain how a psychic mediumship reading with me works.

Also when they give you a few details on what you can do to prepare for your

reading so that you can get the most out of it. The very first thing I would

suggest is that when you order it reading with me be sure that you schedule it on a day

and time when you’re not going to be distracted.You’ll want to be sure that if you have

kids, you have a baby sitter for in the children’s someone who can watch the

kids while you’re having a reading or maybe you can go to your parents house

or friends house so that you can have some quiet time. The less disturbances you

have, the better the message will get to you. Also I highly encourage you to have

a notepad ready or some type of device,whether it’s an iPad or tablet, or a

pad of paper available so that you can take notes during your reading. The

third thing you want to do is also give yourself about 30 minutes to process

what you learned in the reading, once the session is complete. After a reading you

may find that you experienced a lot of different emotions.

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