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You’re becoming more grounded in your life. There isn’t much holding you back anymore except for your own self.

You have been able to create a foundation that is strong enough to hold you. If you’ve been feeling the need to go explore lately or even leave your current position in life, the time to do that would be now.

It’s okay to take the risk and leave that foundation that you’ve created. You can create an even stronger one wherever you think is best for you.

Nature is going to be your best friend in the upcoming months. It will be able to soothe your sorrows and / or pains that you’ve been previously dealing with.

You have a lot to be thankful right now. You’ve been learning a lot more in the recent days. You’re becoming more and more like the trees.

They are able to see what most aren’t able to see. Your intuitions are becoming stronger and so is your mind.

Having faith in what you see is going to help you out a lot in the days that are coming.

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