Fourth CHAKRA, Archangel RAPHAEL

Fourth CHAKRA, Archangel RAPHAEL:

Today’s energy is reflective of a healing heart. Many of us are at different stages of letting go of certain people, places or things.

We are all in places of choosing to move on and forward with some aspect of our lives.

Spirit wants you to know that this is being seen, heard and acknowledged by the Universe

and as long as you continue to do the work of letting go the support and assistance you need to continue moving forward on this journey will be gifted to you in various ways.

The biggest thing Spirit wants us to remember is that we are worthy of LOVE and happiness.

That there are wonderful things coming for us as the energies are going through a major shift from May 10th forward.

It is really important to push yourself outside your comfort zone when it comes to comfortability regarding vulnerability.

Opening your your vulnerability up allows you to conquer another level of fear in any area of life.

The number 38 gives the message that our healing hearts are allowing us to move towards a HIGHER version of ourselves, a more kind, more compassionate more evolved self.

As we move towards this HIGHER SELF we create a new flow of abundance and prosperity into our lives which is manifested by us and the work we do, the energy we emit and the choices we make.

We are experiencing some beautiful growth and it is important you view it in this fashion or you will be rejecting gifts the Universe will be trying to bestow upon you.

Have a beautiful day!




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