Ego From ARCHANGEL Jophiel


Yesterday’s message continues today and this card is the main message beneath the internal work and self-love.

Explore what’s hindering you from attracting a healthy path and relationships.

There is a need to look at your own perspectives. Is it loved-based or fear-based perspectives?

It is likely you’re afraid about letting go of the control of the outcomes.

Gratitude and positivity are essential to appreciate what you already have in your life.

It also sets you free from fearing new changes and release your old defenses.

Having a wall does not protect you from anything but missed opportunities to receive support, compassion, and love.

Take off the mask and let your wall down allows you to be receptive of gifts and opportunities for personal growth.

This is a major arcana card indicating a major life change.

In order to manifest positive outcomes, do not let your fears to control your life but to let Love to guide you.

Many blessings ???


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