You Are Understood

You Are Understood:

You might be asking yourself whether you’ll find someone who understand who you are or understand

what you’re going through but be assured that you’re exactly where you are right now in your life.

You might be feeling like you’re on the floor of ocean overwhelmed with emotions but it is a

transformative opportunity taking you deep within you to see what needs to be transformed.

It is not necessarily discouraging to see what you thought you’ve resolved but it is an opportunity to set it free.

If you take on a positive perspective toward it, you are empowering yourself and allowing your internal and external to transform.

With that saying, cherish and appreciate this healing experience because you’ll swim toward the top of the ocean for air in no time.

It is not about avoiding the waves of water overpowering you but rather to ride the waves.

Coexisting with ocean/emotions with peace in your heart knowing that you have the control over your happiness.

You also do not allow your ego fears dictates your inner peace. You also set yourself free.

You are already understood.

Embrace and Love yourself. Things will make sense again soon.

Stay where you are and ride the waves.

The waves will take you to the shore safely.

They are waiting for you there. <3


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  • To come upon this card this late this evening. Got tears to my eyes of healing and reassuring me to go forward. I have continued to keep asking myself I have always been placed our society of who I am. Going through the trauma of lost myself and have been blessed to be able to read discover who I am plus more. I pray for I can go forward and do better than what I did before after the brain trauma. Thank you

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