You Are SAFE

You Are SAFE

Relief overwhelms me when I turn this card over.

While you’re lying on the bed at night wondering if everything will be okay, this card is an amazing reminder that regardless of the fears that might sneak in you are SAFE.

No matter what happens, always PRAY and BELIEVE.

Whenever you feel anxiety, stress, or uncomfortable feelings coming on, prays upon the Higher Power to remove the fears and then, transmute it into light.

Take few deep breaths. You might be feeling the ultra intense energy today.

I am already feeling it! (I do my card of the day the night before.)

This is just the ultimate push-through the shift in energy.

I kept hearing, “Just believe. Just believe is all you need to do to get through this energy.”

If you are reclaiming your power and braving this shift, you’re ascending to your higher self.

Anxiety and anticipation are your body signals that foretell something new and great changes are coming.

Your body knows before your logic knows.

Just believe that everything will be okay and you’ll be always protected.

Believe in yourself and you’ll see that everything will works out in your favor.

Continue working on your manifestations.

Choose faith today.

Namaste <3



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