Yo!! ideas Coming Your way All set – NEWS FLASH


Your angels and guides keep messaging you but you are not tuning in and responding!!!!

What will it take to wake you up?

You asked for help in digging up some ideas on the plan you have been tossing around but you are not listening and paying attention to their help why is that?

When you ask your guides and angels for help they would like you to “tune in” as in, “we are here please pay attention dear ones.”

so you can receive what you asked for!

You are seeing angel clouds, you are hearing certain word phrases said over and over again, you have picked up pennies along your path and feathers!

Do you realize these were given to you in order to get your attention?

Hello anybody home?

Take some time out for yourself so you can listen in on what these guides and angels are letting you know,

” YO, ideas coming your way…

All set to receive them?”



  1. StephenMa Turkiet SangPross
    HunterDpg AC Milan KayleeKrr
    MelanieHe USA WarrenHam
    CharisCab Danmark ElvisWoli
    JGEGrazyn Nederlanderna Tanyalcxz
    KennithVi USA Marcelino
    JamikartT Manchester City CasimiraC
    Christena Argentina LazaroCly
    Houstoncy Olympique Lyonnais KaleyCorn
    Jacquetta Juventuss KatieSell
    NannieBre BVB Borussia Dortmund JustinaCa
    AlanPinkn Atletico Madrid TTUMarcoo
    Celsainyc Bayern Munchen DerekMvon
    EpifaniaR Argentina YvetteWas
    TerrellPe Frankrike AshlyMack

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