XXI The World

XXI The World:

Lately I’ve found such a new level of appreciation for this card. I lovingly call it ’the Graduation Card’.

With tarot, we start out wth the Fool, ready to go on the adventure of his life, one foot on the ground and one raised, ready for the big leap.

Now look at him. A man, wiser in so many ways, more experienced, educated by life itself.

Life isn’t just one lesson that we need to learn and that’s it.

There are lessons within lessons, and each major shift that we feel, is life telling us

– you’ve graduated, well done, next lesson (or next level up) begins NOW.

These ”notifications” – or shifts – can sometimes feel a little overwhelming or mind blowing.

I often compare it to being in the middle of a car race, doing 300 mph, and then suddenly the team leader waves you over and says ….’got a fresh new car for you.’

Then you proceed to doing what you’ve been doing for sooooo long already, but the feel of this new racing car is totally different.

It’s a better car, and you’re a fantastic driver, but still …..feels like you’re having to go back a step or two and continue from there.

Whichever lesson you’re graduating from, be proud of yourself for having made it to this point.

Doesn’t really matter how confident you were to begin with – be proud, no matter what!

Whether you’re moving onto a new ’class room’ or you’re beginning your next lesson with ’new books’ – you did the work that brought you here.

Don’t ever forget that.

?? Congratulations – You are no longer The Fool ! ??


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