WOMAN HOLDING A HEART: This card represents dealings with family love or emotions.

I look at her and I see peace inside as she follows her heart.

She’s very relaxed even though she may be going through a transition or rebirth as I see a butterfly.

So I feel this card today is reminding us to relax and connect.

When we relax and connect with our heart and get quite and listen for answers, we are better able to deal with the chaos around us.

If your dealing with some issues with family, loved ones or just some deep

emotions inside yourself have faith that all is as it should be….

and has it’s purpose and will unfold in a way that’s best for everyone involved.

When we step back, relax, surrender, ask for help and listen for answers we are always guided to our best possible outcome.

Be at peace knowing you are not alone and can always ask for guidance when needed.

As you surrender and trust you are able to let the divine guide you and step into grace.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard let go of control

and let the universe bring you what you need

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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