ATHENA – Inner Wisdom

ATHENA – Inner Wisdom:

Tapping into your vast of wisdom and listening to your intuition to find creative solution

to sustain your goal of staying true to your soul is the recurring message this weekend.

Self-reflection is the main message in this card.

It is also about determining what’s dear to your heart.

This time you are more than ready to see and bring your dreams to fruition.

You might be feeling an urge to write because it is a great form to access to your inner wisdom.

Ask your spirit the following question, “Tell me what can I do to be true to you?”

Allow it come in freely regardless how silly it might sounds.

Your inner wisdom already has the answers to your questions.

Your spirit is asking you to open your eyes, mind, body, and heart to see it.

You are already courageous for being honest with yourself and to go within.

Love yourself enough like you wholeheartedly deserve Love.

It is an act of self-Love to follow into your spirit’s footsteps.

Soon, you’ll be bestowed with gifts.

Many blessings <3


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