Whom do you need to Forgive?

Whom Do You Need to Forgive? As you release old anger or resentment, you will find that your wishes will come true!! ?

This card suggests that any prayers will be answered once you learn how to free yourself from any inability you have to offer forgiveness.

Even though you may feel justified in your anger,


the truth is that resentment will only hurt you and any rage you feel will continue to block you for your deepest dreams and desires.

Spend some time outside and ask the fairies to clear you of any lower energies,

whilst remembering that you will benefit fantastically by simply choosing to detoxify yourself of any past anger or resentment previously felt.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium


  • Not sure but im guessing its say forgive yr self first then forgive e those who have done wrong to you like me getting out of two very abusive relationship an almost was killed in the second even though i left him twelve years ago it still bothers me on how he treated me on what i went threw hell with him a.but i forgive him so i can be happy in my future.

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