Walk it off No.28

Walk it off: Your angel guides desire that you “walk it off!”

Are you stuck in a negative vortex and cannot seem to move out of it?

Are you working too much and forgot how to smell the flowers out side?

Are you about ready to burst a button from anger?

Yes! it is time to get outside and take that walk, now and no waiting!

Did you know that walking is a way of getting out of your mind stuck?

Mind stuck is when your mind is going constantly and you cannot seem to stop thinking about thinking!

Walking and smelling the flowers,

breathing in all that fresh air and listening to nature helps calm yourself as well as shutting of the thinking mind!

While you are walking outside are you noticing the sky with the angel clouds floating by?

Are you seeing the trees bending in the breeze?

Are you hearing the bees buzz around your head?

Walking and paying attention to what is around you helps quiet your mind in seeing and hearing all the beauty that was created for you to enjoy.

So when you find yourself in that negative mode, or anger mode or the working too much mode,

get outside and start walking and your body will be happy you walked it off!

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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