It is coming. It is coming soon.” You might be still feeling the intense energy from the Full Moon.

That also might affect your perception about your future, however, the effects you’re experiencing is for temporary and does not foretell a somber outcome.

It is your ego fears speaking and taking advantage of your vulnerability while dealing with the effects from Full Moon.

The effects are understandably uncomfortable but it is lifting heavy residue from your energy field.

That’s how powerful the Moon is. It is has gravity-like energy but it is healing you.

The best thing you can do at this time is to embrace the experience and live it.

Allow the energy move through your body and spirit.

It is like a huge iceberg breaking and carving a path.

The energy is pushing and clearing old residue that does not match with your vibration any longer.

Your vibrational energy will take some time to settle after a shakedown, however, it is clear and vibrating at its highest. It is radiating further and further from your body, attracting positivity and prosperity.

Not only that it did a shift in your energy but it also did a shift in your perception toward yourself and your purpose.

This time you’re receiving clarity and building a strong plan that will ensure success.

When you get to that victorious place, it might not be a materialistic reward but successful personal and spiritual goals.

Nothing is victorious than being able to attain inner peace with who you are.

That’s a victory!


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