Very Helpful Card

People cannot always understand the logic of things that happen to them, especially if these things at first glance, traditionally are not considered as

This card comes to tell you that there is no way to know when one thing happens, whether for you it is good or bad, because you do not know the
plans of Providence.

The role of fate is best illustrated by examples. For example you have to
travel somewhere, but you are late and could not catch my train. 1

Then it turns out that on the way, an
accident happened on the train or at least that your trip would have been useless because of lately revealed circumstances.

Sometimes it is not clear what are the reasons behind such a situation, there
may have been pickpockets on the station who would rob you or something would have happened, very specific and personal just for you, if you had done your trip.

Nancy Fortier Pyschic Medium

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