Unfinished Symphony

Unfinished Symphony:

We are really being guided to start tieing up the loose ends from the past.

If anyone thought that they could just leave things unfinished or unsaid and step into their new life I’m afraid that Sprit is telling you otherwise.

Whether this pertains to business, relationships or absolutely any other thing in your life, in order to step into the next leg of your journey we must FINISH UP OLD BUSINESS.

Without closure and endings we are left with emotional attachments whether we are conciously willing to admit it or not.

When there are situations where we are denied the opportunity for closure must find a way to heal the hurt, pain and disappointment.

Spirit is saying that these tail endings must be closed out before you can be granted the next leg of your journey.

Seek out a competent source to help guide you through what you need to finish up.

Pay attention as your Spirit team is really trying to show you and direct you in the direction that requires “cleaning up”.

There’s a lot of verbal communication connected to these loose ends which really makes me believe that a lot of this “clean up” really pertains to relationships.

Dig deep people, allow things to surface for healing.

Remember, no pain no gain.




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  • There have been a couple of things cropped up in the last 2 weeks that this card signifies with me. I hope that this will be over soon and the new journey will be the beginning of something wonderful. Will be glad when this rollercoaster stops. I am emotionally spent.

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