Unfinished Symphony

You are a unique and creative child of the universe whose soul purpose is to make music with your heart for the whole world to hear.

You are divine creation who has come to offer your unique energy to this earth, to inspire others and share in the love vibration.

If you have been thinking that maybe this is all there is for you right now, remember that your story is still unfolding.

Tie up loose ends and you will find that many of your lessons are now complete and a new symphony awaits you.


You are music set in motion!

The Oracle’s Message: “This is a time to tie up loose ends as you near the completion of a cycle or project and mastery of a lesson or skill.

Before you move forward, it’s important to come to terms with where you are now.

Practice radical acceptance.

You can’t move forward if you are leaving things unfinished.

Reflect on what has passed so that the symphony can finally end on a high note.”

Today’s card Unfinished Symphony comes to you from the Wisdom Oracle Deck.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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