Trustworthy Friends

Trustworthy Friends: I asked the angels today, “what needs to be our main focus for the 2017?”,

and out popped “Trustworthy Friends”, indicating to stay focused on the worthwhile friendships in your life.

Those people who love you and whom you love back.

The friends who know you at your worst and still share their love and attention with you, honoring your light and wanting the best for you.

The friends who teach us some of our greatest lessons.

Stay focused on your friends this holiday season and be grateful for them, for it’s friends who can make the challenges in life seem less difficult.

“You are surrounded by many Earth Angels who have your best interest at heart.

The people who make you smile, laugh and cry are the ones who will be with you throughout your journey,

and you are being encouraged to enjoy spending time with the friends you have in this lifetime.

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