Transcend Duality

Transcend Duality: You are living in a time of great transition, and you’ve not chosen the easy path.

However, here you are in the realm of duality, the realm of experiencing both positive and negative energies and emotions.

You have chosen this so you can transcend duality.

You have the opportunity to be transformed, opening to a paradigm and a way of being that is not black/white, good/bad,

or right/wrong, but rather is aware of oneness and your conscious connection with everything, with everyone and everywhere.

You see, nothing outside of you is apart from you.

You are connected.

This is your step now: realizing unity and embracing it and all people as your brothers and sisters.

Then choosing to keep your heart open despite challenges, experiences,

and perceived duality, regardless of what may come.

Keep your heart open, not giving in to judgments or thoughts of scarcity or doubt.

Release those as they come up and return to awareness.

Your higher self does not participate in duality and, therefore, does not experience the suffering, grief or guilt you sometimes allow into your physical experience.

With this transition unfolding for you now, you have the opportunity to do the same.

Not to judge, but rather to simply be.

Follow your heart to uncover what is next for you on your beautiful journey through life.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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