Today’s Card is – PRAYER


Instead of worrying, I pray about this situation to bring about real solutions.

Mother Mary gives you this card to remind you of Prayer’s powerful and positive effect,

and asks you to apply it to your present situation.

This is especially true if you feel stuck, confused, powerless, or in any pain.

Surrender these feelings to heaven and ask for Divine Intervention.

Then listen carefully for God’s Messengers, the Angels,

who deliver His Guidance to you in the form of feelings, signs, ideas, visions, and dreams.

When you worry about a situation, you actually draw to you more negativity

and feeling of paralyzing victimhood. So worrying gives you more things to worry about.

In contrast, when you pray, you draw upon the most powerful force in the Universe.

Mother Mary reminds you to turn worries into prayers by saying, ” God, please help me with..”

Then pour your heart out to Him about cares and concerns.

You will notice an emotional release immediately upon praying, as you shift from fear to Faith.

May Mother Mary bless you and your Loved Ones.

God loves you very much, as do I.



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