Today Special – FORGIVE


With forgiveness, you empower healing for yourself and others.

With forgiveness, your energy expands, your vibration increases, and healing is able to happen for you on a cellular and energetic level.

Forgiveness does not make whatever happened right, but it allows you to mentally and energetically let go of any grievance previously held.

With this shift in perspective of forgiveness, the vibration of every cell in your body is able to increase, and the subtle energy within and around you shifts.

Forgiveness brings great benefit into your life and into the lives of others.

When you forgive even subtle or small past hurts and wounds

—forgiving yourself and those who betrayed you or caused harm in your life

—you are able to create a significant energetic shift.

Where is forgiveness necessary in your reality now?

Let yourself feel fully whatever comes up, and now release all of it into the light and over to your angels.

You are wrapped in wings of love, as your angels take your past pain, suffering, or doubt and release these energies into the light.

Allow forgiveness, love, and compassion to take their place.

It is powerful to step away from holding onto past wounds and to shift into the perspective of forgiveness and love.


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