Today Card is Movement


Today’s energy is one of revisiting. Spirit is reflecting back the current energy which is also in line with the planetary retrogrades that are happening astrologically right now.

If you feel as though you’ve been going in circles now is a time to get really clear with yourself on why that is?

Are you repeating the same patterns as always?

What lessons aren’t you learning that you need to be learning?

Why do situations continue to repeat themselves over and over?

What lesson are you needing to learn or better yet, what courageous choice do you need to make to create a change to the energy pattern?

As soon as you own your piece in the reoccurring cycle that’s holding you back the sooner that the Universe will help you to proceed forward with persistence and passion.

What loose ends do you have hanging around that need to be tied up?

Forward movement is available to you once you own your piece in a cycle that is no longer serving your highest potential.

The numbers 2 and 8 have significant meaning here. 2’s represent partnerships and 8’s represent abundance and they add up to 10 which equals a 1.

1’s are about manifestation and new beginnings.

So as mentioned before we need to look at a paticular partnership or behaviour with ourselves

in a certain cycle/area of our life and make a courageous adjustment in order to create the new beginnings that allow us to tap into our abundance.




  1. WCEEdward Polen CoralSamm
    KarlaMcCo Osterrike RosalinaC
    MiquelLef Seattle Sounders TammieBlu
    ShanonIno Paris Saint Germain Glorysfqb
    BillieDug Los Angeles Galaxy SarahKrau
    AQDMaximi Island FredricBr
    CelinaKdg Manchester City Margherit
    ElsieNeal Slovakien AntoniaFu
    LesterPoo Brasilien Enriqueta
    JoniColli Schweiz CooperKal
    AngelHedb Island VetaxpPba
    AbbyGrunw Sverige NoreenBri
    Alejandro Spanien JustinaJi
    CeceliaMu England GFHFranci
    DonnieEdm Sverige AddieKoon

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