Today Card is COMMITMENT


Your angel guides desire that you now make that commitment that you have been thinking and planning on.

When you state your commitment out loud you are committing yourself into taking the action and doing the doing!!!

Your angel guides do caution you that in making this commitment which truly is wonderful,

just make sure that you are doing this for all the right reasons and that it is doable for you!

Do you tend to “over commit” yourself and then you are super stressed out?

Look at the whole picture here and make sure this is indeed want You want to commit to for YOU and be able to love the process of doing!

You have a huge heart and love to help, but tend to get overwhelmed because you take on more then you can do!

Always jumping in with out thinking can throw you off balance.

Make a commitment to YOURSELF that for now on when you say yes and commit to doing a project or

to help some one out that this is what you desire to do and you thought it out completely.


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