This is your LIFE’S PURPOSE

This is your LIFE’S PURPOSE

The control paradigm is falling apart as you’re finding your courage to walk away from old

and stagnant broken record of thinking that you does not deserve anything better.

Keep in the mind as you’re breaking through the cobwebs of fears,

old habits and illusion is to have a open mind about certain things that might be different than your expectations.

The control paradigm is based on patriarch and the Divine feminine is coming in to balance out the masculine.

Thus, you’re more in touch with your feelings and emotions but they’re more about supporting and nurturing your needs to evolve from old journey.

The old conditioning of living under the patriarchal control is what you need to leave.

Create your new conditioning where you allow Love to inspire you to be a better person.

Cut the cords to the past, people, and situations that does not allow you to create a new way of living from your heart.

You deserve to build a life where you come here for.

You come here to Love. ?


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