This Card Is Very Positive

The card is very positive and points towards inner peace, balanced emotions and harmonious relationships with others added on compassion and

But most important is what is inside
you, everything else is a consequence. You are given a good position to achieve a balance, and for this purpose you need to be more kind to yourself and

If you feel there is tension or
misunderstanding in your relationship with a particular person, try always to look through his eyes.

For example, you go to the restaurant, the waitress is impolite, you get nervous of that and subsequently you emanate negative energy back, from which the situation becomes even more unpleasant for both sides.

Before you respond with outrage and aggression, think, imagine what could
have happened to the waitress, if it is not possible to have health problems or her boss has just reduced or delayed her salary or something happened to some of its relatives.

How would you behave in such a situation, it is unlikely you would have much fun.

Show understanding, overcome yourself, smile to the other side and show her that you understand her.

Otherwise, if you feel tension and frustration and this manifest in your relationship with someone, apologize if necessary, explain honestly how you
feel and even share something personal that bothers you, people are much more willing when they are explained and it is much more likely to show sympathy than we usually think.

Besides, in order to strengthen your sense of inner peace, create a habit of dwelling on everything separately and ask yourself: What l intend to do feel / think, is it consistent with my higher self, does it brings me inner peace?.

Nancy Fortier Pyschic Medium

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