The Six of Chalices

The Six of Chalices:

Looking back on your life you can see all that you have learned.

You take this into your future with a feeling of nastalgia for the innocence you once had.

But now with all the wisdom you have gleaned you are well prepared to create the life of your dreams.

You understand every choice got you to this very point on your travels and you sit back and accept all of you.

You see with not the rose colored glasses of your naiive youth but one of a more mature and resolved personality of the adult or elder.

Where ever you are you know and understand you are eactly where you need to be.

You can now get to work on being the person you are meant to be and you accept the fact you are in complete control of your life and destiny.

Your happiness comes from this present moment in time

and you can choose to live it fully with wonder and glee in all the little things that you would normally take for granted.

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