The King of Pentacles

Today’s card is The King of Pentacles. What a great energy to start off the day!

The King of Pentacles, just like every other King in the Tarot, has worked through every card in his suit.

He’s experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and has successfully achieved the lesson in each one.

He’s earned his seat on the throne.

It wasn’t simply handed to him. His ability to manifest material wealth and abundance has now become second-nature to him.

It’s become a part of who he is as represented by the pentacle he holds in his left hand.

Remember, the left hand/side represents the psychic/intuitive/emotional aspect of one’s self. In his right hand, representing power/action/will, he holds a scepter.

The scepter represents the outward command/focus/mandate for not only the fulfillment of new abundance and material wealth,

but also the maintenance of the abundance and wealth that has already been acquired.

Today, The King of Pentacles reminds us that we must use what we have at this moment to create or maintain any sort of material abundance that we have.

If he could offer any sort of advice today, it would be, “Use what you have and do what you can do.”

How does he know that this simple approach is effective?

It’s because he’s already experienced it and it has become a part of him.

Truly, what you have right now is all you need to get started to create even more abundance and prosperity not only for yourself, but for others, too.

Just as The King knows this, so should you…

When you need more, more will be provided by none other than Universe, Herself.

Remaining focused on growing what you have now instead of focusing on the lack of what you don’t have raises your vibration for greater abundance and prosperity.

Use what you have and do what you can do right now, today.

Here’s to your increasing abundance and prosperity! Cheers!

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