This fun faerie is tickling you to get you to lighten up since she says you are way to serious!!!

Can you be a little bit “naughty” today since it is Fabulous  ?

Oh dear work work work is that all you can do she asks of you?

Today is a day to let the serious stuff go and laugh and do something a little bit “naughty” nothing mean of course but bring a giggle out of someone is what is in order here!

This little mischievous faerie will let you know just what you can do to bring happiness to someones today!

Did you know that naughty means mischief and mischief brings giggles and sillies.

This energy of having joy and bouts of giggles removes any negative energy around you and everyone who laughs raises up their energy as well.

So think about what you would love to do to be silly today, can you dye your hair green or purple? Can you wear two mismatched shoes?

Can you play a trick at the office and switch everyone’s desk chair, hide the coffee cups, or program the music to play kids songs?

If you choose to be boring today and not be “naughty” or do anything fun then this little Faerie may turn the tables on you!

So watch out she may play tricks on YOU if you do not listen to her and ignore this day of fun!

Oh ’tis a playful day so lighten up <3


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