The Death Card

The Death Card:

The Death card represents the ending of something; a toxic relationship, an unhappy situation at work,

maybe you’re attempting to put a final signature on an important document and something makes you change your mind.

Today I’m pointing to a different way of thinking:

Putting an end to a pattern of behavior in yourself that makes you put up with way too much crap from people around you.

Co-workers planting work in your lap coz they’re taking you for granted.

A partner who’s so used to talking to you in a certain tone of voice coz you never tell them to cut it out and show you a little respect.

Maybe you’ve gotten friends who’re taking and taking but never giving back.

Neighbors who overstay their welcome constantly coz you can’t bring yourself to tell’em to just go home.

Family members who come knocking all hours of the day and night coz your door is a little too ’open’.

So …question is – how long are you gonna put up with it?

The Death card is indicating to you that certain patterns gotta change for better ones to kick in.

The overall message for you to ponder is – how much are you willing to put up with & why do you do it in the first place?

??? Don’t let people force their hidden agendas on you – you deserve better. ??


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