The Cloak of Christ

The Cloak of Christ:

Today’s oracle card brings you a message that your soul is fatigued from struggling.

That which plagues you is not as powerful as you fear.

You are being empowered to shed that which no longer serves you which may be a career, relationship, bad habits,

limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, addictions, attachments, etc.

Let yourself be cloaked in the Christ energy and receive the spiritual assistance you deserve now.

Your life purpose is taking a turn for the better and your energy is required to fuel that new life.

When we are asked to release something, it’s because the Divine wishes to fill out hearts and hands with more.

Do not hold onto scraps for fear that the feast will be denied to you.

Open your arms wide and get ready to receive.

“In the school of humanity, when you become intimate with God, you reside on the Kings throne and teach the Angels the nature of the Divine.”



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