The Chariot (Very Special Card for You)

You have what it takes to get things done, you have the determination, skills and ambition to move forward.

Now this is a sign that you should go forward with whatever is in your mind and heart, you’ll need to use both to truly be successful. When it comes to work, it’s important not to let things get to you whether this be an annoying co-worker or tasks. Just keep moving forward if you know that you’re doing what is best.

Romantically those who are in committed relationships should be sure to communicate with your partner now, unfortunately miscommunication may happen during this time so make sure that you both are on the same page.


If you’re starting a new relationship now it’s important to pace yourself, it’s possible either you or your new partner are going too far too fast so make sure that your boundaries are set.

If someone is interested in you and you’re not really digging them it’s important to make it clear instead of leading them on.

Financially speaking if you’re interested in making some big ticket purchases now you can do it as money is flowing pretty good however make sure that you pay off your debts first you can do both if you try.

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