Ten of Athames (Swords)

Ten of Athames (Swords):

A young witch is in a clearing deep in the forest.

She is surrounded by 10 athames as she dries her magical herbs near her simmering pot.

A family of boars, the symbol of determination and healing looks on.

Here we have settled in to reflect over the trials and tribulations that we have had to endure to get to this point in time.

We are beginning to sense the shift we have worked so hard to ascertain in our life.

We survived the upsets, the pain, and the years of uncertainty all while holding tight to our values and our deep faith in what we knew in our hearts we truly were.

We had to let go of many people and situations that did not help us and although they played an integral part in our evolvement we knew they had to be let go for the higher good and purpose we were working on.

The ten of Athams now suggest the worst is over!

You have reclaimed your power and can now completely immerse yourself in what you want for yourself.

You are completely true to you.

You have all you need in the now and you understand if you see a lack then you create more lack.

So you go to the forrest or any secluded spot of place where you can get in touch with that small voice that leads you on.

A new beginning is coming!

You sense that this ending was in the stars and you have made peace with yourself and all events.

You find that this inner reflection and peering into your simmering pot is all you really need to heal.

When you know thyself and see how all things must have gone this way for your souls growth

you can relax in knowing the universe has supreme intelligence and all things have been aligned perfectly for you for your new beginnings.

As you cut away all that no longer serves you, you feel lighter and more energized and even a bit nervous at all this new vitality and optimism that fills your body.

You will now go forth with a sense of power that no one but you can hold you back…

AS the blue fairy states in

The wizard of Oz, “you always had it my dear, you always had it”

If you have chosen this card today, know that things will never be the same after this day.

You have proved yourself to yourself.

Which is the most important lesson and an easing up of old problems are now shifting as you shift within.

The reflection of the new is a wonderful validation of your inner strength and power.

As you move forward with your healing, know that you fulfilled your contract and it is now torn up! you are free!!

So live that way!!



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