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24th Aug – 22nd Sept

Message to you is the pressure is on this week, and you have so much that you need to get done.

There are some deadlines to meet, if you have some deadlines, then the best thing to do is write down what you need to get done, do a “to do” list, write down what is important and put the least important to another time.

Pace yourself, free yourself from distractions, so that you can get on with the jobs that need to be done today, if you do this then you will meet all the goals you have set yourself.

There may be some stress and tension at times, but you must keep going, you will get there, and all will turn out well for you.

Your hard work is going to pay off, and  you will reap the rewards, you will gain many lessons along the way, that help you to look at life from a different perspective.

Whilst you may go through some tense times, and have some emotional struggles, from time to time in life, eventually it will get better for you, and you will reach a place of comfort

and security, you will spiritually blossom and grow, and there will be changes from within and your outer world all for the better.


21st April – 21st May

Message to you is that this is a time of out with the old and in with the new, for some of you, you are going through a time of transformation, life is changing for you in a big way.

There is an end to a situation, you have gone as far as you can, and now it’s time to branch off into a new direction.

Do not be surprised if your goals change, if you gain a different perspective, and you have things happen, that change your direction in life.

There is a new way of life coming, it may not be what you had expected, it may not even be what you want right now, but if there is one thing that is for sure, you will not look back on this phase of your life and regret it.

You need to be patient right now, and make some plans for your year ahead, look at what you want to do and where you want your life to go,

look at what you need to do to achieve these things in your life.

Even if what you want seems insurmountable, if you break it down to smaller section’s you will be able to achieve it.

Stay strong, use that inner strength courage and determination, keep life simple and go with the flow, everything is as it should be,

and new opportunities and new doors to happiness is in front of you.


24th Oct – 22 Nov

Message to you is that some of you are not sleeping so well, you have so much that is going on through your minds, and there comes with these feelings of fears, worries and anxieties.

Use your wisdom and knowledge that you have gathered in the past to help you now.

There is so much to do, there is a certain expectation of what it should be like, and that is not always possible.

Take it one day at a time, try to sort problems out in the day time, even if you just write what is bothering you down, and if you can work out how you can sort it out, even if it means breaking things down into pieces to do it.

Your fears and worries and far worse in your mind than they are in reality, everything is going to be fine, it can be hard to see that when you are in the thick of having these worries and fears.

It’s a good time to seek out likeminded people, speak to people that have been through the same things as you, just having someone to talk too, can help, especially when they have come out the other side, and they are doing well.

Try to be gentle on yourself and not put undue pressure on yourself.


23rd Nov – 21st Dec

Message to you is that many of you want and need something more in your life right now, and that there is a feeling of being fed up and wanting and needing something more to happen in your life.

Communication with others or someone that is special to you is lacking, and it is so important to open up and speak from the heart, without anger and hurt, but from real emotion of love.

When you do this, others will respond to you in a better way, they will hear what you are saying to them and will want to sort things out.

Being like this melts barriers, of emotional walls that have built up.

It is time to move on, to step out of what has been a dark period in your life, and step out into the light, so that you can see and appreciate fully how life can be good, and experience the better times.

Life is very short on the grand scheme of things to be doing, or staying in a situation where you are not getting happiness and contentment in.

Its time for you to shine, for you to think more about your wants and needs, and to give yourself what you deserve.

Remember your special, and you deserve the best in life, do not be prepared to settle or accept anything less than the best.


19th Feb – 20th March

Message to you is this week may well be a hard one for many of you, some of you feel down and feel a sense of sadness.

Looking back and reminiscing on times that have gone by.

There is also a feeling that in your darkest times, you may look to the outside world, and everyone is rushing around getting on with their lives, they are happy, they have it all, and you stand there wanting that, but are just feeling in this sad place.

Now is the time to build some firm foundations in your life, to rise to the challenges you have been given, whilst they may seem insurmountable, you just need to plan your steps not try and move that mountain in one go.

Take your time, first you need to work on yourself, your inner self, heal and get yourself in a good better place emotionally, get your strength back and then you will be able to get through whatever cards life has thrown at you xx


23rd Sept- 23rd Oct

Message to you is there seems to be some hassles and frustrations that are being caused by others this week.

So many people seem to be struggling at the moment, and the biggest cause is through others not minding their own businesses.

They may think they are thinking of the other person, but sometimes it can cause more harm than good.

This is one of those weeks that you need to try and steer clear of negative people and situations, and try not to get involved in other peoples dramas.

Focus on yourself, keep your head down, and do what you need to do to bring about happiness for yourself.

On the flip side, you have the hope card, telling you that things are going to get better.

if you have been in a dispute, have had an argument or disagreement with someone, then the hope card tells you, that all is not lost, and you can still get your friendship,

or relationship back on track.

Life will calm down, and with it comes a sense of hope and optimism.

Be open to change, embrace the calmer times when they come and feel the warmth and love of spirit, your guides and your angels, and they heal rifts between others, and heal situations that have been hard going for you of late.


23rd July – 23rd August

Message to you is that it’s the week feeling for many of you, feeling tired, up against it, and it’s been a looooooonnnnng week, and there is still so much to do!!

Or get sorted out, it’s a matter of knowing where to start first for some of you.

Just focus on the important things, set your day out, so you know what you have to do, and when you have to do it.

it may just be that it is one thing after another, you may have to rethink what needs to be done and sorted out, success is to be had, but there is a lot of hard work ahead.

Now whilst the real message today is to keep going and do not give up, the light card is saying you will get help perhaps signs from above, feeling of warmth, or a sudden tingle that you feel will a sense of peace and calm,

or you get a thought and idea to a solution, this is your help and guidance from your own guides kicking in.

Relax, all will end well, and you will soon be able to see the wood from the trees, and the day  will end on a good note, or it will get better as the day progresses.


22nd May – 21st June

Message to you is  some of you still have got a lot to do.

You need to pace yourself, whilst you may be struggling with having so many things to get done; you are actually in a good place to get them sorted.

Everyone seems to want a piece of you, and the lesson to learn is the word no, many of you struggle to say this, as you want to just help others, but you have other things in your own personal life that is going on, and you need to focus on yourself at this moment in time.

Many people form opinions, think you should do this, do that, do the other, and that in itself can bring a huge amount on pressure.

Take your own power back, you need to lead and direct your life how you see fit

. If you can take some quiet time for yourself to reflect, meditate or do something that that will make you feel more relaxed.

Steer clear from confrontation, or anything that is going to make you feel excessively stressed, remember you are one person you cannot do everything in one go.

Keep going everyone, the key is perseverance, as you will reach success, it won’t come easy but you will get there.


22nd Dec – 20th Jan

Message to you is about important changes or significant one’s going on in your life right now, it’s all about using your inner strength, courage and it being a time of facing your fears and stepping out of your comfort zones.

It is ok and safe for you to do so. For some of you, you have some important decisions to make, and they are necessary ones again, take your time; you are safe to make decisions.

It is a time to relight that spark and passion that may have gone dim or has gone out of late.

Whether this is relationship wise, or life in general, it’s time to rock your world, dance to your own tune, instead of others tune.

You have come through so much in your life, you’re still standing and now is the time to keep pushing yourself, and to be brave and try new things.

The only thing, that can hold you back, is yourself, your fears and worries, of rejection, or not being good enough.

You are good enough, that you will not be rejected by the people that love and care for you the most, and they are the only people you need in your life anyway xx


22nd June – 22nd July

Message to you is this is a time of sorting issues out at home, clear the energies, if there is a bit of tension clear that too.

It is about cutting through areas of your life you are not happy with right now. Home is your safety bubble, it’s where you can relax, and just be yourself, we all need to feel that security, and you’re working hard to get your home life sorted out.

Your heading in the right direction to have more security in your life, he says for some of you it’s a time of moving, and the move has come just when it is needed.

For others it is about spending some long overdue quality time at home, catching up on jobs and having a good sort out.

There is growth, personal and spiritual growth, a time to shed the old and outworn patterns or thinking, and to bring about new thoughts and ideas.

There are times when we find ourselves in situations we did not plan, and it can be scary and daunting.

But  hold on tight, go with the flow as  these sort of situations will turn out to be the best thing that happened to you, such a relationship break ups, loss of job etc.

It is hard but better people and situations are coming and happiness you never thought you would find is on its way xx


21st March – 20th April

Message to you is that its time of the week, when you’re getting tired and drained, feeling like your up against it,  tiredness is starting to kick in and for some of you your patience is not at its best lol.

Minor irritations with people may occur when they start to get on your nerves, especially if they keep going on at you.

It is important to focus on your wants and needs, there are a few hassles and nuisances, and a bit of tension today, but it’s pretty minor and nothing, you will not be able to sort out.

The other thing  is your mind is working over time, you are worrying about what could happen, what may not happen, it’s all your fears and worries coming to the surface.

Some of you are scared to deal with a situation and would rather hide from it than deal with it through being scared of what the outcome may be.

The message for those of you that are feeling like this is that your fears and worries are far worse in your mind than they are in reality.

Everything will turn out better than you hope or expect.

The last thing  is you’re not as trapped in a situation as you think you are, there is always a solution to a problem, sometimes it requires that you take a step back, look from a different view point, and then think clearly and you may have to compromise a bit


21st Jan – 18th Feb

Message to you is this week you have a lot on, either things that are going round in your mind, or in your life in general, and it can lead to tension and stress, some of you are very tired at the moment, and feel like giving up on a situation,

but the message for you is to keep going, success is ahead of you, there may be a lot of hard work ahead, but you will get to where you want to be, with a bit or inner courage, strength and determination you will get through testing times and overcome obstacles.

Do not feel you have to do everything yourself, ask for help from others, or just let people support you when they offer it.

There will be people coming forward that can give you the help and support, even if it is just a chat that you need.



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