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Tarot Scopes for July 16th To July 22nd

Tarot Scopes for Tarot Scopes for July 16th To July 22nd by Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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23rd August- 22nd September

You are going to be on the go this Week.

There are things you need to get alone done, people to see,

and work is busy, so you need to make sure you pace yourself, so you do not burn yourself out.

The wish card has come out for you this week, think about the things you would like to have in your life, the sort of life you want,

and send those thoughts lovingly to the universe, and then trust that it will come for you.

Someone is being off or argumentative this month, try not to get dragged into these things,

keep your head down and stay focused on your own dreams and goals.


20th April – 20th May

This is a time of good news and celebrations.

For Some of you, there is news of a birth or pregnancy.

The relationships you have with others, look close, and there are mutual connections and bonds, that are growing stronger.

it is time to make a commitment, decide what you want to do and then go for it.

There is no room for hesitance right now, be sure about what you want to do, be bold, and daring, rise to a challenge.

Trust your gut instincts at all times, and follow your intuition,

new opportunities are presenting themselves in your life.

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