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TAROT SCOPES FOR 9TH JULY TO 15TH JULY by Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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24th Aug – 22nd Sept

Message to you is time to stop hiding from your fears and worries, to take time to think and reflect, and ponder on the situations that surround you.

You know you’re not as trapped in situations as you think;

it is only your own fears that keep you trapped.

Many of you are going through a stage of worrying, and your mind is working over time, there is no point in worrying yourself unnecessarily, as it will make you ill, and you will get run down.

The fears and worries in your mind are far worse than the reality of what is coming for you.

So relax, take some time out, close your eyes for a few minutes, and still your mind, get back in touch with your core soul, find some peace within yourself,

that inner calmness will help you to unwind, and release your worries to the universe.

Everything is in good hands, and will fall into place for you, whilst it is a worrying time for many of you, better times are coming and this period of anxiety and stress will pass you by.


21st April – 21st May

Message to you is about trusting, taking action, being daring, courage, and taking leaps of faith.

It is easier said than done for some of you.

But if you trust what you feel and sense, you think about your own personal goals you want to achieve,

and look at taking steps, no matter how big of small to make them happen, there is nothing that is out of your reach or that you cannot achieve when you put your mind to it.

We all fall fowl so many times at the start of a new year, setting ourselves some new year resolutions, and the only reason one fails, is because it can seem like a daunting and huge challenge.

But if you break things down, be gentle on yourself, persevere and not give up, you will achieve all you want to in life.

Now is the time to do and try something new.

To have some new experiences, and to value yourself that little more.

You can follow your dreams, you can even achieve your dreams, if you set time aside regular time to devote your energy to making it happen.

Whether it is finding a new love, working on a relationship, getting a new job, starting a new business,

it doesn’t matter what it is, but you need to do your part, devote some time, and you can and will achieve what you want too in life.


24th Oct – 22 Nov

Message to you is about important changes or significant one’s going on in your life right now,  it’s all about using your inner strength, courage and it being a time of facing your fears and stepping out of your comfort zones.

It is ok and safe for you to do so.

For some of you, you have some important decisions to make, and they are necessary ones again, take your time; you are safe to make decisions.

It is a time to relight that spark and passion that may have gone dim or has gone out of late.

Whether this is relationship wise, or life in general, it’s time to rock your world, dance to your own tune, instead of others tune.

You have come through so much in your life, you’re still standing and now is the time to keep pushing yourself, and to be brave and try new things.

The only thing he says, that can hold you back, is yourself, your fears and worries, of rejection, or not being good enough.

You are good enough, that you will not be rejected by the people that love and care for you the most, and they are the only people you need in your life anyway xx


23rd Nov – 21st Dec

Message to you is this is a time of sorting issues out at home, clear the energies, if there is a bit of tension clear that too.

It is about cutting through areas of your life you are not happy with right now.

Home is your safety bubble, it’s where you can relax, and just be yourself, we all need to feel that security, and he says that you’re working hard to get your home life sorted out.

Your heading in the right direction to have more security in your life, for some of you it’s a time of moving, and the move has come just when it is needed.

For others it is about spending some long overdue quality time at home, catching up on jobs and having a good sort out.

There is growth, personal and spiritual growth, a time to shed the old and outworn patterns or thinking, and to bring about new thoughts and ideas.

There are times when we find ourselves in situations we did not plan, and it can be scary and daunting.

But  hold on tight, go with the flow as he says these sort of situations will turn out to be the best thing that happened to you, such a relationship break ups, loss of job etc.

It is hard but  better people and situations are coming and happiness you never thought you would find is on its way xx


19th Feb – 20th March

Message to you is that its time of the week, when you’re getting tired and drained, feeling like your up against it,  tiredness is starting to kick in and for some of you your patience is not at its best lol.

Minor irritations with people may occur when they start to get on your nerves, especially if they keep going on at you.’

It is important to focus on your wants and needs, there are a few hassles and nuisances, and a bit of tension today, but it’s pretty minor and nothing, you will not be able to sort out.

The other thing  is your mind is working over time, you are worrying about what could happen, what may not happen, it’s all your fears and worries coming to the surface.

Some of you are scared to deal with a situation and would rather hide from it than deal with it through being scared of what the outcome may be.

The message for those of you that are feeling like this is that your fears and worries are far worse in your mind than they are in reality.

Everything will turn out better than you hope or expect.

The last thing  is you’re not as trapped in a situation as you think you are, there is always a solution to a problem,

sometimes it requires that you take a step back, look from a different view point, and then think clearly and you may have to compromise a bit


23rd Sept- 23rd Oct

Message to you is that this week you have a lot on, either things that are going round in your mind, or in your life in general, and it can lead to tension and stress, some of you are very tired at the moment,

and feel like giving up on a situation, but the message for you is to keep going, success is ahead of you, there may be a lot of hard work ahead,

but you will get to where you want to be, with a bit or inner courage, strength and determination you will get through testing times and overcome obstacles.

Do not feel you have to do everything yourself, ask for help from others, or just let people support you when they offer it.

There will be people coming forward that can give you the help and support, even if it is just a chat that you need.


23rd July – 23rd August

Message to you is there is a time when you need to just go with the flow, have patience, believe that your heading in the right direction, you have some lovely people in your life, that can help and support you, lean on them when you need too, just like you let others lean on you when they need you.

Friendships, relationships, and family should always be a two way thing, and you need to all be there for each other, it is not a sign of a weakness if you ask for help remember that.

Sometimes life takes over, the energies of the universe step in, and you find your riding on the wave of life, not being able to turn back, because the current is going forwards, that is the natural way you need to progress in your life.

Trying to fight it, will make you feel tired, and drained, there are times when you can do nothing else, but move forwards.

Go with the flow, move forwards, and use that inner strength, determination and will power to get you to where you want to be in life

. Life is a challenge at the best of times, but you know he says what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, and you will never be given anything in life that you cannot handle x


22nd May – 21st June

Message to you is there are sometimes in life, where you have got to walk away from a situation, you gave it your best shot, but you’re not getting what you want, need and most of all deserve,

of course you can try to keep battling away, trying to make it work and come good, but the day does come, when you realise it just isn’t working in the way you had hoped, this is where the 8 of cups comes in,  it is time to walk away from a situation that does not make you happy, or does not serve you a purpose,

it can be so hard when this happens, feelings of being lost, upset, and sad can come, but you know there is a huge world out there, and life is really too short on the grand scheme of things to be unhappy.

This is where the new beginnings card comes in, this is a fresh start, a brand new phase and new beginnings, it’s time to go to new places in your life, to open up to the possibilities there is a greater happiness out there,

that there are some magical opportunities that await you and new adventures to be had.

If you have been sitting thinking should you stay or should you go, you now know what you have to do,

what is ahead of you is far better than what you have been through of late, don’t put off the inevitable, try new things, explore different areas, be bold and brave, it’s all going to be ok xxx


22nd Dec – 20th Jan

Message to you is there is a clear message for you this week, that your hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future will come true, that you need to believe in miracles, because they do happen and they do come true.

Look to the future with hope, that right now, there are so many good things that are coming your way; the key is to acknowledge changes when they come and embrace them.

Make sure you give and take, it is important to keep the law of attraction balanced, if good happens, then make sure you do good also, give of yourself as well as take from others, and the universal life force and your life will be blessed even more, as you will attract abundance, happiness and utter joy.

When you want something really bad, and the situation is at a standstill or it doesn’t happen, it is because it is not right for you, and to know that it will soon be replaced with what will be right, what will give you the greatest happiness, and what will be for your highest good, hold hope in your heart, and watch your life unfold, with the sun shining on you xxx


22nd June – 22nd July

Message to you is come on guys, lets not get ourselves stressed out this week, relax, it’s all going to be OK, your worries and fears, are far worse than the reality of the situations around you or the outcomes of what you are expecting to happen.

Some of you are making yourself ill, worrying about what could, or what may happen.

Now is not the time to hide from the world or your problems, the more you do that, the longer your dragging it out.

It is time to be brave, face your fears; honestly it is not as bad as you think.

The most important thing to do right now, is feel and sense your way to the other side of the issues around you.

If you get a good feeling about something, that is great go with that, but if you get a nagging feeling, a feeling that you can’t put your finger on,

but something doesn’t feel right, then pay attention to those thoughts and feelings also.

Do not doubt yourself or your own intuitive abilities,  your guides always work with you, whether you work in a psychic way or not, trust and have faith, that the thoughts and feelings your getting are coming from your own guides and are there to help you, trust them, they wont let you down, your safe and protected far more than you know xxx


21st March – 20th April

This is a time to face your fears, tell yourself you can be happy, you deserve to be happy, it’s time to deal with those problems, either the internal battles or the battles you have in the outer world, honestly your fears are far worse than the reality.

It is time to stop hiding from the world, and to step out and shine your light for the world to see, it really is not as bad as you fear.

Any area of your life that you are not happy in, or feel disappointed or dissatisfied you need to change. Life is too short to be anywhere, where you are not happy or content.

You are far more powerful than you think, you have the world in your hands, you can change your destiny, your path in life and you just need to start to put those wheels in motion.

This is a time of self-discovery, there is a new path for you to travel down, and that will lead on to great happiness.

Whether you decide to do it now or in the future, you will find it, and when you go down it, you will discover what has been missing or lacking, you will feel that gap or void.


21st Jan – 18th Feb

Message to you is you’re in a transitional phase, of out with the old and outworn and in with the new.

Life is changing on many levels, inwardly and outwardly, it can be a scary and daunting time when this happens, the change that is taking place will take you to living a new way of life, or thinking from a different perspective.

There is a sense of an ending, a chapter coming to a close, and a time to work hard and start to build some firm foundations in your life.

Think of a house, if it had no foundation if would eventually fall down, and this is the same in your life, especially when it comes to you first.

Work hard on yourself, find yourself, love yourself, like yourself, know what you want out of life, know how you want to be treated, and set these things in place, let these be your foundations to building a stronger you.

If you are thinking of trying something new, make sure you do your homework, do your research, the groundwork is important, especially in work or business.

If you’re embarking on a new relationship, get to know the person, no need to jump in with both feet, build a solid connection before taking that next step.

For many of you it’s not a great time at the moment, but within a few weeks you will see everything will work out for the best.



  • Thank you! I mean it and it is heart felt. My horoscope for this week is sooo true and I am looking forward to a new path with this move. It was hard living in a toxic environment for the last couple of months but now I am going to be free to live my life without borders or boxes keeping me penned in. All I have ever wanted was a peaceful place to sleep and live and the home I thought I had rented isn’t happening now. It is so filled with negativity that I can’t eat, sleep or relax in. The move I am making will at least give me peace not sure if it will be long term but at least I will be out of a toxic residence. Thank you Nancy for helping me through the last couple of months with your readings as all of them spoke to me. Thanks again and have a wonderful evening.

  • You’re so interesting! I don’t think I’ve read through something like this before.
    So good to find someone with a few unique thoughts on this
    topic. Seriously.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is required on the web, someone with
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