Weekly Tarot Scopes For April 23rd to April 29th.

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VIRGO – 24th Aug – 22nd Sept

This week message to you is you worrying about making the right and wrong decisions,

that it can hold you back and make you indecisive.

There is no right or wrong, the one you make is the one you are meant to make.

You will have it all in the end, love, security, happiness and contentment,

just allow your life to flow, and for it to happen naturally.

TAURUS – 21st April – 21st May

This week message to you is there is some good news for some of you and a time of achievement.

Your hard work is paying off for you, and you are over coming problems,

and getting a lot of satisfaction as you see some result for your hard work.

You head is down and you are so focused on putting your life together,

keep it going, you are making great progress.

SCORPIO – 24th Oct – 22 Nov

This week message to you is nothing is happening by chance,

everything is as it is meant to be, go with the flow and embrace change as it comes into your life.

Trust your gut instincts at all times, and go with the flow,

if you get a nagging feeling something is not right, trust it and act on it.

You do have many things that need to get done,

just make sure you focus on one thing at a time and do not burn yourself out, trying to do to

many things at once.

SAGITTARIUS – 23rd Nov – 21st Dec

This week message to you is all you need to do is reassess situations that are not working out for you, or that are at a standstill.

It is a good time to look at changing direction, and perhaps trying new ways or something new altogether.

Change is necessary in order for you to make some good progressive steps forward.

You can get to where you want to be, you may just have to take an alternative route.

PISCES – 19th Feb – 20th March

This week message to you is it is time to take charge and take control, and lead and direct your life in the way that you see fit.

It is time to get that spark and passion back into your life,

and that means you need to start to work towards your dreams and goals,

and start to do more things that lift your energies and make you feel good.

Remember life is too short to stay or be anywhere you are unhappy.

LIBRA – 23rd Sept- 23rd Oct

This week message to you is you have some fantastic people in your life.

Friendships and relationships are strong, be patient if you are waiting for new or for a situation to change.

Problems are merley a challenge, not the end to a situation,

look for solutions to resolve issues, and talk to others about your fears and what is bothering you so they can put your mind at ease.

LEO – 23rd July – 23rd August

This week message to you is you are on the right path and heading in the right direction.

You are making some good and positive changes in your life, and more are on their way.

Decide what you want to do and go for it.

A new opportunity is going to start to present itself, which will lead on to more in the long-term future.

Do not let your fears hold you back now.

GEMINI – 22nd May – 21st June

This week message to you is life changing, you are coming out of a turbulent phase, and entering a more positive cycle in your life.

No matter what you put your energies into this week,, it will prove to be successful.

You are on the right path and heading in the right direction.

New opportunities lead on to further ones in the future.

CAPRICORN – 22nd Dec – 20th Jan

This week message to you is remember your one person, and there are only so many hours in the day.

So go easy on yourself, when it comes to getting everything done this week.

Focus on what is important what needs your urgent attention and leave the less important to another day.

Stay positive and organised and before you know it you will get everything sorted out.

CANCER – 22nd June – 22nd July

This week message to you is you know what you need to do this week.

Keep your head down, stay focused, and work through your problems and issues.

There is eventual success with a problem or situation that has been dragging on.

This is a time of taking action, a situation will only change, when you deal with it and sort it out.

Once you do, better times will come and you will progress at a faster pace.

ARIES – 21st March – 20th April

This week message to you is there are times when your mind is working overtime, and your fears and worries can block you form making some choices and decisions.

This is because you want to get things right.

pay attention to detail, so as not to make any silly mistakes this week.

Think one step ahead of yourself, visualise what could go wrong, to prevent it from happening or if it does resolving it that bit quicker.

AQUARIUS – 21st Jan – 18th Feb

This week message to you is you want and need something more in your life.

Take time to think reflect and meditate on what you desire the most.

Change is coming for some of you that means changes around the home or even a house move, for others or you it is a change in your work or a new role.

changes that come will be for the best.


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