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Tarot Scope For July 30th To Aug 5th

Tarot Scope For July 30th To Aug 5th by Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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23rd August – 22nd September

Take your time this week, you do not need to rush or do anything rash.

You are gaining in strength, emotionally you are showing as being a lot stronger, through your life lessons and personal experiences.

There is a lot of happiness showing for you, a time of you bonding with friends and relationships, which are showing as blossoming and growing and most of all your connections will be deepening.

You have a lot of love and support around you, and there is more to come, as you move forwards in your life.

It is a good time for new opportunities for new positions and job roles, which will lead on to more chance to progress in the future.


20th April = 20th May

This is a week of moving on and moving forward, and leaving what has been a difficult time behind you.

You are very in tune with others energies right now, it is important that you trust what you feel and sense and act upon these feelings.

You are making some lovely connections, of the spiritual kind, and developing some lovely friendships and relationships as a result.

Do not be afraid of change, or taking some risks, chances and leaps of faith, it is time to do and try something different.

It can be a bit daunting. but you know it is time for you so spread your wings, and have some new experiences.

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