Talk About Your Feelings

Talk About Your Feelings: Your elemental guides ask that you talk about your feeling to your friend.

There is no need to hide how you feel nor swallow your feelings inside.

Your friend is very dear and you can talk to him or her about how you feel and this fiend will tell you how they feel too.

Are you afraid that if you tell how you feel your friend will disappear?

Has that happened to you before?

Learning to trust and to be open is what you can be with your…….

TRUE and dear friend and he or she will trust and be open with you too.

So talk it out and share all your feelings pour out all those hidden ones you were afraid to let out.

Doesn’t that feel good to confide in your true best dear friend?

How does your body feel?

Now it is time for your friend to talk and confide in you blessings be

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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