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  • Shield Yourself, Protect YourSelf From Harsh

    Shield Yourself: Since the all the energies around you have caused you to have fear and frustration you have asked Archangel Michael for assistance. He desires that you shield yourself as you have been around fear based as well as harsh energies and these energies have “attached” themselves to you and you are “reacting ” […]

  • Compromise, Master Teacher

    Compromise: Your guides are your source of wisdom as your master teachers. If you let go of your control as in control of everything around you including people your health will increase. Did you know that being assertive is a good thing but your control gets you in a angry mood every time. Have you […]

  • Nautilus Princess, Powerful personal growth

    Nautilus Princess: Your angel guides and ancestor guides are helping you with your personal growth. You have traveled a long journey in finding who you are and everything that makes you, YOU. Are you listening to your inner voice that guides you forward? Do you know that you are exactly where you are supposed to […]

  • Explore Your Options From Archangel Michael

    Explore Your Options: You have asked for this loving angel to be guide you and help you with finding your strength in making the changes you desire for YOU. Do you have doubt and fear about changing your perspective on things? Are you fearful of just how everything will turn out once you step forward […]

  • Earth Angel 54

    Earth Angel 54: You are an Earth Angel, this is what you chose to come and do here on Earth. Are you sensitive to loud noises, abhor violence and get uncomfortable with negativity around you? Do you tend to put weight on around your waist? Did you know that this extra “padding” is actually what […]

  • Page of Bows, Stoat

    Page of Bows: I know some of us do not have the best memories of Christmas from our childhood, and some do not even celebrate Christmas… But neither of these things matter now. The “Page of Bows, Stoat”, begins with a very child like energy. Curiosity, wonder, excitment, joy. This is a great time of […]

  • Giving And Receiving

    Giving And Receiving : This card is very appropriate. However, it is more about self-growth and self-awareness. There is so much you can only tolerate and/or allow in your life. It is not uncommon to have hostile relationship with family members; however, you can choose to not allow them to rob your inner peace. You […]

  • Receive (Today Special)

    Receive: Become clear within yourself about what it is you are willing to allow yourself to receive. It’s about detaching from pride or shame and allowing yourself to receive the love and abundance the Universe is trying to bestow upon you. We all make mistakes, leave the past in the past; making a choice that […]