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  • 42. Letting Go

    Letting Go: Your angel guides have been working with you to let go of what is no longer serving you. You asked for their help since you have been confused as to which way to go. Have you noticed how you feel when you are “trying” to make something work for you? Are you understanding […]

  • Tarot Scopes for July 16th To July 22nd

    Tarot Scopes for Tarot Scopes for July 16th To July 22nd by Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium What’s your Astrology sign? Here is your weekly Tarot scope by Nancy Fortier. Select your Astro sign and read below. Please SHARE today’s guidance with others so they too can gain insight on their path, and ensure you like my page […]

  • Malachite, Nature – Heart Chakra

    Malachite: Your angel guides desire that you open up your heart. Since you have asked the question of your angels, “why do I not receive love?” Your angel guides say that you have closed your heart so love does not “escape from your heart nor enter your heart.” Do you remember a time that you […]

  • Meditation brings answers

    Meditation brings answers: Your angel guides desire that you take some time out from your busy schedule and meditate. Did you know when you make that quiet time and take a few deep breaths and quiet your mind that you can receive messages or know certain truths? Since your schedule has been crazy lately are […]

  • SMILE Sunflower, Notice the Profound And Healing

    SMILE Sunflower; Your guides desire that you smile since your smile lights up your whole body and warms you up! Did you know that when you smile this smile automatically brings smiles on other people’s faces? Did you know that to smile will immediately bring about a positive attitude to you and those around you? […]

  • Lucid Dream, Awareness, Opportunities

      Lucid Dream: Your angel guides are with you as you dream since you asked them to be. Are you noticing that your dreams are more vivid? Are you with people that are like minded like you or are you all alone? In your lucid dreaming state this is the 5th sleep stage called REM […]

  • Intuition, Sometimes you need to feel your way.

    Intuition: Sometimes you need to feel your way. Instead of thinking, trust your gut. Your angel guides are always with you there is no doubt and they say that you waste time thinking too much on stuff! Are you always thinking on it instead of going with it on your gut hunches? Do you seek reassurance […]

  • The Time Guardian, you have time

    The Time Guardian: All of your elemental guides desire that you hear the message that “yes you have time.” “Time is not something to worry about dear ones you have all the time in the world to do what you desire to do. ” Did you know that in other “worlds” or realms there is […]