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  • Flexible 19 (Special Card For You)

    Flexible 19: Today’s energy requires one to be flexible. The card and the energy of the day requires you to remain open minded. Like a tree who is firmly rooted in the ground but can sustain harsh winds and bend and blow and remain grounded in what they are you need to take on this […]

  • Free Daily Reading Jan 1 (Reveal)

    Free Daily Reading Jan 1 (Reveal) by Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium Happy New Year’s Everyone! MESSAGES REVEALED Thank you for participating in today’s reading! Which New Years clock did you choose? Each gives insight into your current situation, emotion or thought. Go To My Site to Read Please SHARE today’s guidance with others so they […]

  • Listen (Special Card For Your)

    Happy New year 2017 <3 Listen: Today we are being reminded to LISTEN. Spirit has been trying to get your attention and you’ve been missing the messages. These messages have been coming in a way that you “HEAR” them. Our clairaudient abilities are being asked to be used to receive these messages. You may receive […]