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  • New Home

    New home: Wow!!!! This card couldn’t be more accurate for this time frames energy especially for myself. I currently went through a job transition and am facing a move to a new home in four weeks and I’m not even sure where that home is and other exciting transitions are also happening. So for everyone, […]

  • The Fire Prince

    The Fire Prince: You are just being cautioned to not start any fires you can’t put out. This is a fabulous energy to work with when creating and building upon the set foundations. It’s wonderful energy for today’s mercury retrograde as mercury retrograde is all about the fabulous “RE’S” – RE-do, RE-work, RE-plan, RE-visit and […]

  • Imagine 20 (Today Pick)

    Imagine 20: We are being guided to anchor our communications in ALL relationships. To make sure we maintain emotional balance in all communications at this time and to make sure we don’t say something we can’t get back or won’t beable to repair. This means that MANY of you will finally have closed a door […]

  • Field Of Dreams

    Field Of Dreams: YAY! YAY! YAY! I absolutely love this card following yesterday’s. This Card will give a final release to letting go of some toxic and negative emotions, thoughts and feelings that you’ve been trying to work through and be rid of for the past 4-5 years and possibly even more. This energy is […]

  • Prosperity Begins

    Prosperity Begins: This Card is showing you that some deep seeded roots that you planted a LONG time ago are started to bring forth some material abundance and prosperity at this time. Things are starting to show up in your material world regarding finances, jobs/careers, your home etc….. I personally can feel this energy and am […]

  • ELEPHANT: Responsibility, Cooperation, Empathy

    ELEPHANT: Your guides desire that you know about your animal guide who is now with you. Are you having some challenges with family life? Are there sons and daughters who feel they “know it all ” and are telling you that you do not know it all? Are you having issues in bringing about peace […]

  • Breathe (Today Special)

    Breathe: New beginnings have entered many lives and a lot of letting go has taken place and patience is required in order to reap some of the rewards. Many of you have worries or anxieties or fears that things aren’t going to be better than the previous gruelling five or more years. This negative mindset […]

  • Malachite, Nature – Heart Chakra

    Malachite: Your angel guides desire that you open up your heart. Since you have asked the question of your angels, “why do I not receive love?” Your angel guides say that you have closed your heart so love does not “escape from your heart nor enter your heart.” Do you remember a time that you […]