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  • Ocean, Ebb And Flow

    Ocean , Ebb And Flow : Your angel guides desire that you go to the lake or the ocean where you can sit and just feel, smell and see the water recede and then flow towards you. Do you know why this is like our life? Do you understand about the ebb and the flow? […]

  • 31. Trust Yourself

    Trust Yourself: Your guides and angel guides are always with you so trust that they are and trust in your self as well. Do you see and hear and feel and know “things” that are not always as they seem and not always as others view things? Do you like to do your own thing […]

  • DANA High – Priestess

    DANA: This goddess Dana is with you since you asked for guidance in leadership and teaching others. Did you know that from your dreams and downloads that you have been receiving that you are filled with knowledge to be shared? Do not be afraid to share this wonderful divine knowledge to others. Are you feeling […]

  • 42. Letting Go

    Letting Go: Your angel guides have been working with you to let go of what is no longer serving you. You asked for their help since you have been confused as to which way to go. Have you noticed how you feel when you are “trying” to make something work for you? Are you understanding […]

  • Identity (Surprise Your Spirit)

    Identity; This is a fabulous card for the New Beginnings that Spring is heralding upon us. Spirit is asking each and everyone one of us to GET CLEAR with our authentic selves. Really let go of the unwanted energies that are helping to create limiting beliefs, values and patterns or behaviors that are holding us […]

  • Desiree (Today Special)

    Desiree: The energy of the card is about waiting and being patient. There is something in your life that you’ve been wanting to move forward with, starting a new job, quitting an old job, purchasing a home or maybe it’s something else like having a hard conversation with a loved one; today is NOT the […]

  • Rock Bottom 10

    Rock Bottom 10: This card is an indication that a miracle is about to appear in your life. The key in allowing this miracle to happen is to LET GO COMPLETELY. You must allow yourself to accept that you don’t know what to do anymore, that you’ve tried everything you can think of to change […]

  • Detach 11 (Today Special)

    Detach: The Universe wants you to recognize that the events that have led up to this point you created. You have helped to co-create this current happening in whatever it is that you are confused about. You are being urged and encouraged to LET GO of any Blame on yourself or others about the current […]