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  • Flexible 19 (Special Card For You)

    Flexible 19: Today’s energy requires one to be flexible. The card and the energy of the day requires you to remain open minded. Like a tree who is firmly rooted in the ground but can sustain harsh winds and bend and blow and remain grounded in what they are you need to take on this […]

  • Self-Sabotage, Card For The Day

    Self-Sabotage: When you learn to get out of your own way, there will be no stopping you. Most of the time it’s not others who prevent you from achieving your true goals; it’s that inner voice that derails those carefully woven plans. This card is showing you everything that you can be, but it’s also […]

  • Poised 48 (Today Special)

    Poised 48: Spirit is reassuring you that you have everything you need in order to move forward with the changes and creations you have been pursuing. Stepping up and moving forward because not only can you act like you know what you are doing but that Spirit is reassuring you that you do know what […]

  • Transformation,The Process of sel-transformation will open your eyes

    Transformation: The Process of sel-transformation will open your eyes to the timeless truth of yourself. Your fairies and angel guides are helping you with your transformation. You asked for guidance in developing your third eye for opening. You are now seeing through the veil seeing through the illusions that your mind has placed before you […]

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  • DEVOTION, i am clear what do next

    DEVOTION: Often time, we forgot why are here in the first place. Life, career, family, and home distract us away from our purpose. When you are living your life according to the society, family, and career, that’s when your ego fears come out. Thus, we devote our energy to our ego fears. It is overpowering […]

  • White Tara, Sensitivity

    White Tara, Sensitivity: Sensitivity is not weakness but a form of strength. It allows you to feel what’s making you feel good or not so good. It also steer you away from harsh energies that does not support your highest intentions. Being sensitive is also being empathic. Empathy is a great emotional connector and knowing […]