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  • Identity (Surprise Your Spirit)

    Identity; This is a fabulous card for the New Beginnings that Spring is heralding upon us. Spirit is asking each and everyone one of us to GET CLEAR with our authentic selves. Really let go of the unwanted energies that are helping to create limiting beliefs, values and patterns or behaviors that are holding us […]

  • Let go of perfection. Its good Enough. and so are you

    Let go of perfection: Your elemental and angel guides ask that you let go of that wanting perfection and just go with the flow. Are you striving for perfection in your life because you feel that you have got to have total control? Why is this have you asked yourself why the need for perfection? […]

  • Free Daily Reading Dec 24 (Reveal)

    Free Daily Reading Dec 24 (Reveal) By Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium Hello everyone And Merry Christmas <3 Your messages have been revealed! Thank you for participating in today’s reading! Which Christmas ornament did you choose? Each gives insight into your current situation, emotion or thought. Please SHARE today’s guidance with others so they too can […]