Synchronicities, Allow The Magic


Synchronistic events are all around you now.

This card comes to you today, to assure you that all of the coincidences that are happening to you are no accident.

This is creation in action.

Pay special attention to all of the details in your life at this time.

It does not matter how insignificant something appears, it is not by chance. It is divine design.

Things are shifting and moving for you in the most amazing ways.

Just when you need to know something, someone shows up with the answer.

Just when you decide you want a new job, someone offers you an interview.

Just when you decide you want to meet more people, someone sends you an invite to a social gathering.

Synchronicities happen as if by magic. Pay attention to the small synchronicities in your life as well.

This is the universe showing you the way. If you notice small synchronicities often in your day, it is to tell you that this is the right path.

As you follow this path, the synchronicities will unfold even more and produce magical events that lead you in an entirely new direction.

Nothing is by chance, everything is happening for a reason.


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