Surrender The Habit Of People – Pleasing

Surrender The Habit Of People – Pleasing:

Your guides are desiring that you surrender that habit of people pleasing!

Do you put others before your needs? Have you been doing the “people pleasing game?”

What about YOU?

Is this helping move you forward in life by constantly doing the pleasing of others which in the long run DOES NOT please you?

Your guides are right by your side saying that this is no longer serving you, time to surrender this to your guides and take back your power!

This is a great time to focus on YOU, are you happy right now?

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1 thought on “Surrender The Habit Of People – Pleasing

  1. Sally

    I so needed this message today! I have been struggling for a while now, trying to get things done, in my best interest. But yesterday I finally put my foot down to make myself heard. Feels so much better, and now to put me first in the rest of my life!


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