Spiritual Teachers Are WATCHING OVER

Spiritual Teachers Are WATCHING OVER:

The archangels and the ASCENDED MASTERS are working with you, the ascendant soul energy, right now.

They are helping you choose balance and helping you with productivity.

They are supporting your mission and giving you personalized lessons about the development of your new skills and gifts, which you now embody.

Even if you’re not fully sure what they are yet, don’t worry, it’s coming. One thing has to come before the other.

They have great honor for you! You’ve earned the right to be where you are on this planet, that’s for sure.

They love, love, love being in service to you and it does not drain them whatsoever when you keep calling on them.

You’re here to master your abilities and they are showing you how to do that with creative light energy, which is all around you.

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