Soul SOLITUDE – Your Soul Needs Attention


I think this card is very appropriate given the current energy.

So much shifts has been happening and it has been difficult to catch our breath.

Restlessness, panic, stress are several of the energies in the collective energy.

That signifies that you’re pushing it too hard.

So often time, keeping it simple is forgotten. It can means going off into your sacred space where you can refocus and bring your energy together.

That way you can communicate with your spirit and Universe in the stillness.

Messages will become clearer through the silence and grounding.

Don’t worry about anything on your to-do list or run after your dreams today.

Your health is your top priority.

You’ll regain calm and confidence to resume with reaching your dream life.

You’ll also reignite your passions.

After resting, reconnecting, and rejuvenating, you’ll come out of your sacred space shining brighter.


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