Snail’s Pace “Listen for the heartbeat of the earth”

Snail’s Pace; All your guides ask that you slow down it is time to put on those breaks.

Do you feel that you have to get this done or else ?

Are you pushing your self so hard and so fast that your feet feel like they cannot touch the ground these days?

Did you know that speed kills?

How can you stop your self from going going going and doing doing doing?

Your guides say time to ground yourself and they ask that your ground your self everyday since

you tend to run fast like a fox instead going it slow like a snail!

When you are grounded to Mother Earth you stop the insanity of doing too much multi tasking.

They ask that you go outdoors and just take a deep breath and see your feet planted on earth instead of in space.

As you ground your self to Mother Earth and quiet your mind you will be able to hear the music of nature.

Did you know that bees sing in harmony?

Did you know that birds talk to each other and argue to each other too?

Did you know that frogs and crickets make their wonderful sounds at night in unison and when one stops they all stop?

These are the vibrations of earth so get in tune with these energies and your life will be less chaos and more peace.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium


  • Nancy, if I may make a suggestion.
    Could you please add the information from which deck of cards you used when posting.
    So much beautiful artwork and inspiration. Thank you 🙂

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